你想 从AUBG开始你的大学教育? 评估你的才能和学术潜力, 真实赌钱app下载仔细考虑了以下所有文件, paying special attention to your 英语 proficiency test scores, 学校成绩和面试.


首先提交你的 在线申请表格.


你也可以使用  CommonApp

Please make sure to use a unique personal email address that you check regularly. 不提交多于一份申请.


写一篇Essay, which will help the AUBG 招生 Committee become acquainted with you, underst和 your motivation for attending AUBG 和 determine how well you can express yourself. Essay应该是以下主题之一:

  • 讨论一个成就, 事件, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth 和 a new underst和ing of yourself or others. 
  • Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. 是什么促使你这么想的? 结果如何??

你的Essay应该不超过650字. 将对其清晰度进行评估, 创造力, 完整的反应, 句子结构, 分段, 拼写, 语法, 和风格. 你可以用这个 论文模板 .


提交两封来自老师的推荐信, 教授, guidance counselors 和/or academic advisers familiar with your academic performance. 这些信件可以用英语、保加利亚语或俄语写.

您可以打印 推荐信模板.


如果你是在高中的最后一年申请.e., 在获得文凭之前), 你必须提交 official transcript for the last three years of school that lists subjects taken, 的成绩获得, 和计算的年度平均绩点(GPA). 推荐的最低GPA为3.0到4.0规模. 所有成绩单必须包括申请人的姓名, the contact information of the school issuing the transcripts, 还有学校官员的印章和签名. 成绩单s may be submitted in 英语, 保加利亚, or 俄罗斯.

如果你已经完成高中学业, please submit a  copy of your high school diploma with the final grades. Copies must be verified by a notary 和 translated into 英语 by a certified translator.


Arrange to have your official 托福考试 score sent by ETS to the AUBG 招生办公室. AUBG机构代码是2451. Please note that AUBG does not accept personal score reports or photocopies. 你的托福成绩必须少于两年.

报名托福考试请访问 www.托福考试.org.

你也可以利用 免费的机构英语水平测试.




国际旅游业伙伴关系 托福考试

rPDT -修改后的托福笔试 60


Cambridge 英语 (FCE, CAE, CPE) - reported on Cambridge 英语 Scale 180





依据 -多邻国英语考试 110
国际学士学位(IB) -

IB英语A:文学  英语(HL)

IB英语A:文学 (HL)
IB 英语 A; Literature (SL)
IB英语B (HL)


跳级 – 美联英语 &
or 美联社文学 & 作文
坐在R阅读 32
行动的英语 25
高中英语 ——看 高中英语豁免

测试准备可从真实赌钱app下载的 伙伴英语语言中心.


1. 申请人是美国公民, 联合王国, 爱尔兰, 澳大利亚, New Zeal和 和 Canada 和 were primarily educated from 英语 language educational systems in those countries.
2. Applicants who have completed three years of full-time study at a 英语 language accredited high school worldwide 和 have received (or will receive) the 英语 language accredited high school diploma.
3. Applicants who have received an 英语 language accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Any request for a waiver of the 英语 language proficiency requirement must be submitted to the 招生办公室 with any supporting documentation 和 will be taken into consideration after review by the 招生办公室 on a case by case basis.

真实赌钱app下载 reserves the right to require evidence of 英语 language proficiency for all applicants, the adequacy of which shall be at the sole discretion of 真实赌钱app下载 reserves.


Your achievements 和 awards help us get a better picture of your skills, interests 和 strengths. 提交你最引以为傲的奖项的复印件, 让真实赌钱app下载看看你最令人印象深刻的作品, 或者发一份总结你经历的简历. 请使用 这个简历模板


真实赌钱app下载想进一步了解你. 面试是你展示自己动机的机会, 展示你的成就, 并向AUBG的代表提问. 面试可以是面对面的, 通过电话, or by Skype 和 will be scheduled after we receive your 托福考试 scores.

SAT / ACT成绩(可选)

AUBG does not require SAT or ACT for admission purposes or financial assistance; however, the scores might help you waive two AUBG introductory courses: MAT 100 和 ENG 100. You can submit your official scores through Collegeboard or ACT - AUBG institutional code in Collegeboard is 2451 和 5465 with ACT.


In order to be considered for need-based financial aid 和 need-based scholarships, 你必须提交 申请经济资助 以及所有必要的证明文件. You 和 your parents should read all instructions carefully 和 be as thorough as possible. 详细说明载于:

In the absence of trade activities, the following financial declaration available in 英语 or 保加利亚 是否需要另外提交.

请下载、列印及填写你的 申请经济资助. Upload a scanned copy of the application 和 all original supporting documents to the AUBG在线申请表 from the "status" page after you submit your online application. 


入学是在滚动基础上提供的, which means students may begin the admissions process at any time. 不过, students interested in entering in either the fall or spring semester should try to meet the following deadlines:


3月1日 - for early admission with preferential financial aid 和 scholarship consideration

6月1日 -为非欧盟学生提供定期入学和经济援助


11月1日 -定期入学和经济援助 



The 真实赌钱app下载 continually strives to notify prospective students of admissions decisions. Once the 招生办公室 has received all required documents, the 招生 Committee will consider the student's application. The student will be officially notified of the Committee's decision in a confidential letter sent to the mailing address provided in the application form. An official notice is usually sent within four weeks of the 招生 office receiving all application documents. 在早期入学期间可能会有一些延迟.

*请注意, 如果你被AUBG录取, you will need to mail hard copies of some of your documents to AUBG for visa purposes. You will receive more information about the documents required 和 how to ship them to campus.

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